"Ready To Run"
FREEFORM's Good Trouble 
S2 E13 "Daylight"
Credits: Co-Writer, Guitar, Vocals
"One Voice"
FOX - 911
S2 E6 "Dosed"
Credits: Co-Writer, Guitar, Vocals
"Break My Fall" by Doc Robinson
NETFLIX's Bojack Horsemen 
S5 E3 "Planned Obsolescence" 

Credits: Production, Guitar, Vocals

"Borderline" - Doc Robinson
CBS - Wisdom Of The Crowd
S1 E7 "Trade Secrets"
Credits: Producer, Guitar

Rolling Rock 1.jpeg
"Dear Father" by George Barrie 
Rolling Rock Commercial 
Credits: Composition, Production,
Guitar, Piano
"Room Starts Shakin" - Nick D & Believers
Showtime - Shameless
S8 E6 "Icarus Fell"
Credits: Co-writer